lunedì 8 febbraio 2016

6DQ6 Monotube Transmitter

After some time spent in collecting parts and boxes, at the end I was able tu put together the Monotube MOPA using the 6DQ6 tube I had from my friend Crisi IZ3CQI.
I made it in past and called the SuperJunker and finally I made my own too.

I used an ex-computer power supply box for assembling the transmitter and made a separate PI tank that  I put in an ex-Siemens power supply box and so now I hade the Monotube on the air for test and for contact friends all over the world.
Circuit is very simple:

and component list is here:

Xtal: 3 - 8 MHz FT243 Xtal

R1 = 47 kW

R2 = 12 kW

R3 = 15 W

JAF 1 = JAF 2 = 2,2 uH

C1 = 10 pF

C2 = 120 pF or 10-150 pF Cvar

Cb = 1-10 nF

C3 = 1,5 nF 3 kV

V1 = 6DQ6

V2 = OD3

+HV 270-300 V

In the following days I'll put more test results, but anyway the transmitter is able to get about 12 W output in a long wire or vertical homemade antenna and the reverse beacon confirm I'm able to reach North of Europe with a decent signal.

Now I coupled the transmitter with the R&S EX07 professional (tube) receiver and I own a really vintage, only tube, station for my Ham activity.

Good news!

Here're some pics of the TX&RX + accessories group

Tubes: at the left the 6DQ6 and on the right the OD3 stabilyzer

Life under the tubes

Power supply

Separate PI-Tanks as I planned to use it for more future TX's too

The wattmeter and the ex-I0XXR (a so close friend of mine) KW E-ZEE ATU I want to use in honor and memory of the friend and OT that led me to meet the Vibroplex Bug in 1977

Now this is my complete transmitting station

And here the receiver, the Mr R&S EK0/ a TUBE Receiver too

A full tubes Station

Have to make steady cabling connections between modules, substitute the manual T/R switch (that's over the PI-tank) with a semi break-in circuit, and still have to put the front side of the PI-tank box and finally cover all boxes with a good wooden enclosure (alway homemade of course) (a woodden speaker box too).

More to do, BTW this is the nice thing, indeed!

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