mercoledì 2 dicembre 2015

Vacuum tube revisiting

When I was young I begun my Ham journey in 1971/72, with tubes (807 was the main diamond of our ham students life...hi) but I did not have any technical basis and so it was just a cut and try life, but anyway it was the root of my actual Passion that grows everyday more and more.

Today I'm finishing to make the good copy of  a try, using just ONE tube, the 6DQ6 a friend of mine gave me as a gift; it's a real MOPA, and oscillator and power amplifier in just one tube and I had about 10/14 W output with xtal controlled (FT243 that are really amazing for me).

The idea was from the website Masteroscillator and the Super Junker TX  I saw there.

It is a very beautiful experience going back to tech roots, with more consciousness: I study the configuration, go deeper in order to understand circuit and component functions and make a lot of test in order to have a good keying note and no frequency shift or ringing.

Indeed it's a really nice experience and a true new way to Ham Spirit and technical aspect f this very nice Passion, the Radio-Passion

I did not believe it was so nice and exciting to go once more in my vacuum tube beginning of Ham.

Nice, really nice a great fortune for me!

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