martedì 13 gennaio 2015

QRP Club72

Yesterday night when I checked the last time emails of my box I had a great gift: received and email from Oleg , "Mr. 72" RV3GM / KH6OB announcing my new membership in this  very special Club.

Recently I asked Oleg about the club membership and we had several emails about this item. 
I knew the Club since it was founded in 1987 if it's right in memory, but at that period I was involved in troubles and so I was not able to ask more about it.

At present I'm founding my Ham radio life again, coming back to the origins as I moved in 2013 from Rome to NW of Tuscany (about 400 km NW from Rome) in a little mountain village and so I'va a new location, more space for wire antenna (what I love) and no QRM and so I was intrigued by Club 72.

I was unaware that Oleg racommended my call and so yesterday night it was a BIG surprise and a great HONOR to receive this certificate as a kid receiving some Xmas gift from St Klaus...hi

So one more reason, today for finish a good shape of my new two tube 7 MHz MOPA and going on the air.

Many thanks Oleg and Club for this great honor and reward!

Best 72 de Alex I5SKK ex I0SKK

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