venerdì 16 gennaio 2015

Little MOPA = MOP-ino

At the end,  the right copy of my tube oscillator and 6L6 amplifier is done!
Last evening I finished the main job and he now is living on my lab desk.

Yes it is well doing when I put a 7 MHz xtal in the socket or a 3.8 MHz or one more at 5.2 MHz. The LC tank I put on the driver output is able to tune between 3 to 10,5 MHz so I can use three bands and my power out is about 5/6 W now, using around  280 V for plate supply.
In next future I'll do a new power supply and planned to use a bit higher voltage, about 350/360 V up to 400 V and I should obtain about 10 W or more...

I'll check it. 
Future will tell me that :)


Next I have to adjust the xtal socket, the antenna swtching and break-in circuit and more and....the fun is this indeed!

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