mercoledì 12 novembre 2014

"New" next VFO

It's ok!
This morning I received the BC221, without the power supply,  I got from an OM in North Italy and I have here on my shack.

I had in my beginning another BC221 I used it as a frequency meter and then I missed any record about it, I sincerely don't remember anything and it's a pity!
It was a nice VFO I rememeber, but a those times I did not appreciate it in the same manner as I do today and so here I am with another BC221, AH model, in order to use it as a future Master VFO for my tubes station..
I donwloaded the manual and the schematic of course, and I just planned as I'll use it in a big, but not too much box with his so nice tuning knob at the centre and when I'll use ti to tune and spot I'll enjoy more than if a frequency meter that we don't use so much in any staion.

The tubes have a fashion to me now: the lights and the heat I receive from them, and when I look at  the window and I see the clouds behind my house valley, I enjoy to be at home, with hot from tubes and by signals coming from every places in that sound that's the CW peak.

Nice Passion the Radio, so true!

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